Vintage metal medical cabinet, one of the most prized pieces of industrial art I have had the pleasure of owning since my college days. In fact, it’s probably the only piece of art I own that I can actually see in the wild. The color is a beautiful purple that really captures the essence of the piece and the person who created it.

The cabinet itself is only 12.5″ high and 5″ wide, and it’s made from two aluminum sheets that are welded together. Each sheet has a 3/8″ thick top and a 1/2″ thick bottom. I’d say these sheets are about 1/4 oz in total thickness. The top sheet has a few small holes for the screws to go through. The bottom sheet has a smaller hole for the screw to go through.

The cabinet itself is made from two sheets of aluminum that are welded together. The top sheet has a few small holes for the screws to go through. The bottom sheet has a smaller hole for the screw to go through.

This cabinet design was created by Dr. James J. Drexler, a physician in Chicago who is best known for designing and building a prosthetic arm for John Wayne Gacy.

The design was designed to mimic the look of a medical cabinet. The only difference is that it’s made of metal, so it looks more like a metal cabinet than an actual medical cabinet. It does, however, come with some very cool features to help you keep an eye on your medical supplies in a pinch. One is a built-in shelf for the prescription pad for your pills. The other is a built-in drawer to keep the needles and other supplies.

The cabinet is made of a very durable material. It’s a nice, sturdy item that you might not want to throw away if you don’t really need it. But if you need a couple of these things, you can always just give them to a friend. Just because it’s made of metal doesn’t mean it can’t be broken. And that’s what happened to John Wayne Gacy.

I’ve been a fan of vintage metal medical supplies ever since my parents gave me the first of these shelves. I remember the first time I found my first stash of these, I just thought they were just some cheap plastic boxes. But then I got my first real stash of this stuff, and I really liked it. I can’t imagine finding a better source of medical supplies these days.

The original cabinet, in fact, was made of glass, then covered in a metal mesh. The mesh was later removed to allow the glass to be viewed through it and it was then covered again with metal. I never knew why they did that, but I think it was to hide the glass from view, but they also probably thought that glass would be more easily visible through the metal instead.

The thing that really got me was when you open the cabinet and see the medical supplies. They are very colorful, and the colors are great. The cabinet is also very easy to clean.

The cabinet is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in my time here on the internet. It looks as modern and futuristic as the times it was made from. It’s also very easy to clean, and the materials used are also very good.


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