Top Managed IT Services That Every Business Needs

The world has gone digital and with the impending arrival of 5G and the Internet of Things, we are about to enter a new dimension of global connectivity, which is an exciting journey to be part of. If there is a business sector that doesn’t rely on managed IT services, we have yet to find it and in this article, we highlight some of the most popular managed IT services that today’s business needs.

  • Cloud Data Storage – If you have yet to migrate to the cloud, this should be on your list of things to do. The benefits of cloud computing are many; instant access from any location using any digital device, plus your network is secure and monitored 24/7 by cyber-security professionals. Your office PCs will no longer be full of data, which really does boost performance and all data can be instantly accessed, thanks to a secure cloud network. The provider can digitise all of your paperwork and upload it to your secure cloud network, which is the first step to a paperless office environment.
  • VoIP Communication – Do you dread your monthly cellphone bill dropping in? Talk to a leading Managed IT services provider and use Internet telephony to by-pass the cell networks; enjoy real-time video calls for a fraction of the cost of regular calls – virtual collaboration is a game-changer and all of your employees can be empowered with VoIP communication. There is no bulky hardware to install and the provider can offer you free demo calls to any number, whether cell or landline.
  • IT Hardware Support – We all know how temperamental computer hardware can be; workstation PCs, colour printers, scanners and other peripherals all seem to have a mind of their own. If you add up all the time wasted while waiting for hardware support, it is a significant amount and with fixed fee IT hardware support, you can say goodbye to these annoying issues. Many issues can be fixed remotely and those that cannot are handled by a local technician, leaving you free to do what you do best, manage your business. Click here for detailed information on effective market research.
  • Cyber-Security – Every organisation needs top-notch cyber-security, which is the domain of your local managed IT services provider. The experts can carry out penetration testing to see how your network defences hold up against a serious hacking attempt from ethical hackers. Security patches are automatically installed and with 24/7 support, your critical data is always secure. Call your local IT support company for a free assessment of your current cyber-security and get a professional evaluation, along with some recommendations on how to improve your network security.

As you can see, there are quite a few IT services available and as your business grows, so will your IT infrastructure. Cyber-crime is on the rise and every business should have professional cyber-security in place; cyber-criminals use many tactics to steal data and without professional help, your critical data is at risk of theft.

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