The two letters tma are a common abbreviation in medicine. The term “tma” stands for “temperature” in Greek, but that’s not quite what the abbreviation is for. The two letters tma are a common abbreviation in medicine. The term “tma” stands for “temperature” in Greek, but that’s not quite what the abbreviation is for.

The two letters tma are a common abbreviation in medicine. The term tma stands for temperature in Greek, but thats not quite what the abbreviation is for.

I think you can say tma is a contraction of Temperature Abbreviation. I remember during medical class I had to write that exam with the word tma on it, I was told that would help me remember the word and get it right.

tma is also an abbreviation for Threshold Point. The term threshold is a medical term used to describe the level at which the body stops producing heat as a response to a temperature change. In other words, the body turns off heat production and begins to conserve energy. In the context of the fever cycle the term tma is pretty handy because it gives your body an upper limit to your fever.

Threshold points are one of the few things in our lives that we can control and it’s one of those things that we can’t always get right. The body tends to go into overdrive when things are near the upper limit of what it can handle. And that usually means that when you’re a fever victim, you’re going to feel pretty uncomfortable.

The tma abbreviation is one of the most popular in medical circles. It’s also one of the most common medical abbreviations that our friends at the American Medical Association suggest that you add to your list of “must know” to use when discussing your doctor. I’ve used it myself on more than one occasion. People who are fever victims tend to feel pretty uncomfortable and they tend to be very angry. In fact, some people just hate to be sick.

Most fever victims are pretty angry about it. But some people are so furious about the way their body is reacting that they turn into a violent maniac. The reason for this is because they are dealing with a physical thing that they don’t understand, and they are reacting to it in a way that is wrong. You see, some people get really sick, and then they get really angry. They get so angry at the fever that they turn into a violent maniac.

There are several types of fever, and all of them can wreak havoc on the body. Some of them can be caused by bacteria, some by a virus, some by something that is so bad that the body has no choice but to fight it. But to the average person, getting really sick is very normal. Now this is a very interesting point because it is not really a part of medical practice. But it is very real.

Fever is one of those things that is not only very specific but really hard to pin down. Like most things that are not exactly clear, fever is pretty much everywhere. When your body is feverish, your body goes through a lot of different chemical reactions that can interfere with your body’s normal functions. Some of these reactions are dangerous to the body, while others can help it fight off the fever. The one thing that helps the body fight off fever is Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a very important vitamin that is needed for most bodily functions. Your body has a lot of ways to fight off and slow down diseases. Vitamin C is a substance found in some fruits and vegetables that is needed to fight off diseases. In general, most people get enough Vitamin C from other sources, but some people do not get enough. When you do not get enough, you may find that you feel sluggish or tired (or both).


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