Summit Medical Group Podiatry is a medical group in the greater Birmingham area that has served the greater Birmingham area since 1978. We specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of conditions that cause foot pain. We offer a full range of podiatric services, including foot procedures, orthotics, braces, casts, orthotics, and more.

Summit Podiatry specializes in foot pain, which is why they are the medical specialists in the area. They’re a great place to get your foot checked out, and they offer a wide variety of treatment options. They also have a great website. They have a large number of specialties, and a new one just opened up in Birmingham.

Summit Podiatry is a medical group that handles all foot and medical procedures. The group is very large and well respected, so the fact that they have a new one in Birmingham is pretty cool, to say the least.

A while back, we were contacted by Summit Medical Group regarding a possible partnership. Since that time, their website has grown, all of the specialties have been added, and now they offer a new specialty called podiatry, which is a type of foot care. Podiatry is a branch of general medicine dealing with the care of the whole body. A podiatrist or podiatry is a specialist in foot care.

So what’s this new specialty? Well, podiatry can help you find out what kind of problems your feet can cause and how to prevent them from causing problems in the future.

The new podiatry department at Summit Medical Group is a new specialty that has expanded their business. So a podiatrist is a doctor specialized in treating the whole body. And a podiatrist can treat your feet. And that’s cool.

The podiatrist at Summit Medical Group is a doctor specializing in treating the whole body. They have a new facility dedicated to this specialty called Summit Medical Group Podiatry. And its a real cool specialty. Summit Medical Group Podiatry specializes in treating the foot and ankle. They use only the latest technology and all the latest in foot care to make sure you have the best treatment possible. And it seems like they have a great team.

The Summit Medical Group Podiatry team also includes Dr. Michael Pappas, Dr. Robert Miller, and Dr. Jeff Ziller. They are all very knowledgeable, and each has more than a few foot and ankle issues of his own. The podiatrists are all very friendly people, and are very knowledgeable about their subject.

Summit Medical Group Podiatry is a very busy place. They treat patients who come in from all around the world, including in the military, and also have residents from all over the US. They also offer physical therapy and massage therapy, so you can expect a lot of foot and ankle care.

A lot of people don’t realize that foot and ankle care is a big deal. It’s not just good for your feet, but also your whole body. If you have an infection, if you have arthritis, and if you have any kind of muscle strain or problems with your feet, you can really suffer. I think this is probably the most common reason people don’t visit a podiatrist.


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