Ready to start having fun on the weekend, rather than watching Netflix all day or doing yard work? One of the most fun ways to spend a day is by playing paintball.

Not only does it get you outside and away from the home, but it gives you plenty of physical and mental exercise. It’s not just a sport that requires shooting skills. But you need to think tactically in hopes of outsmarting your opponents.

There’s a reason that almost everyone that tries paintball wants to buy their own paintball equipment.

But should you stick with paintball equipment rental? Or should you be buying paintball equipment right away?

There are pros and cons to each approach. Keep reading below to see if buying or renting paintball equipment is better for you right now. 

Paintball Gear List

Before deciding if you should buy or rent paintball gear, you need to know what gear is even required for a fun day at the paintball field. 

The most obvious piece of gear, and the most expensive, is the paintball gun itself (many people call them paintball markers, rather than guns). You can find entry-level guns and really expensive guns for advanced players.

When it comes to paintball gun cost, one of the most important considerations is projectile type. Most people use pneumatic paintball guns. These are powered by compressed air to fire paintballs. Compressed air is cheap, and refilling a small tank costs only a few bucks at a paintball field or store. 

Advanced players prefer electric paintball guns, which have more customizable shooting modes. And still, others prefer a pump-action paintball gun. These require you to manually pump the gun for each shot fired. 

Along with the gun, you’ll need a hopper to carry the paintballs that are then fed into the gun as you shoot. And you may need your own compressed air tank.

Safety gear is also required when playing paintball. You should always wear a full-faced mask that protects your entire head. Gloves are optional. No special clothing is required, though players prefer loose-fitting clothing, to help soften the blow of getting hit. 

Reasons to Buy Paint Gear

Most people want to skip ahead to buying their own gear. For committed players, this is the best option. Here’s why.

Buy the Best Gear

When you rent paintball gear, your options are going to be very limited. The gear they offer for rent is usually entry-level meant for those new to the sport. 

But in order to take your paintball game to the next level, you need to use the best paintball guns and gear. Paintball fields don’t want to rent expensive guns to people, as they might break in the field.

So if you want better gun options, with greater trigger options, you need to buy your own gear. You also don’t have to wear a paintball helmet that someone else was sweating in yesterday. 

Learn Your Equipment

When you own your own equipment, you get to use it every time. That means you’ll learn the intricacies of your gear, and get better every time you play. When you rent, on the other hand, you’re always going to get a different gun. 

Save Money Long Term

The main reason to buy paintball gear is that it saves you money long term. While it costs quite a bit up front, it pays for itself after playing just a handful of times.

If you plan to play paintball once or twice a month at least, then owning your own gear is the better financial decision. And since you own your own gear, you’re more likely to go out and play more often; a win-win.

Reasons for Paintball Equipment Rental

Yes, there are good reasons to rent paintball gear. Here are just a few.

See if Paintball Is Worth It

For one, it allows you to test out the sport a few times before becoming financially invested.

While most people love playing paintball, not everyone does. Even if you want to buy your own gear, it helps to rent for the first few times to ensure this is an activity that you love doing.

And maybe you will like playing paintball, but don’t anticipate playing all the time. If you just want to play a few times per year, it makes more sense to just rent every time you go. If you have other hobbies that take up most of your time, then just stick with renting paintball gear the few times that you play.

This will save you money. And you won’t’ have to spend time cleaning and maintaining your own gear, let alone find a place to store it at home. 

If you do have your heart set on buying gear, then you should rent strategically before making a purchase. If the field you play at has different types of rentals, you should try everything out first.

Test Different Types of Gear

See if you like playing with a pneumatic gun or an electric gun better. Try different brands and styles of helmets. And test out electric hoppers versus standard, gravity-fed hoppers to see if they are worth the extra expense. 

Test a New Hobby for Cheap

Renting paintball gear lets you try a fun, new activity for just a few dollars. Oftentimes, the biggest hurdle when starting a new hobby is the cost of getting started, particularly outdoor hobbies.

But it’s outdoor hobbies that offer the most mental and physical health benefits. Whether it’s paintball, mountain biking, or fly fishing, gear costs can prohibit people who are otherwise interested.

But luckily with paintball, renting gear is very normal, and every paintball facility offers it. Therefore, it’s one of the cheapest activities that you can start, as you literally don’t have to buy anything up front. 

Rent Until Buying Makes Sense

So what’s better, paintball equipment rental, or buying your own gear? Probably both! You should rent the first few times you play to ensure it’s a sport you enjoy.

Once you know you like playing paintball, and anticipate playing often, you should buy your own gear so you can start saving money.

Looking for other tips like this? Our blog is loaded with tons of helpful articles. Head over and keep reading now. 


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