This is an interesting question. This is the question that most people ask when they have to choose between an employee that is either a) smart and competent or b) lazy and unproductive. My answer to this question is very simple: smart and competent employees are typically those who are most productive and make the best decisions. Lazy and unproductive employees are those that are most prone to making stupid, lazy decisions and are therefore the least productive.

My answer is also simple, lazy employees make bad decisions and will only make bad decisions if they’re confident in their decision and if they are not presented with enough information to make a good decision.

If these two are true, then I think it’s safe to say that the majority of workers are lazy and unproductive because they have no idea how to make a good decision. When the task is complex, they are forced to make poor/uninformed decisions, so it’s easy to see that the majority of workers are lazy and unproductive. I think this is because in a complex task environment, workers are limited by their own ignorance.

This is something that I see a lot in my own work, and it drives me crazy. There are two different things going on here. One is that workers are not taught how to properly think, and the other is that they are given too much information at once, so they cannot make a good decision.

The second half of the video explains the difference between the first half and the second, but what is most important to note is that employees are given too much information, so that they cannot decide correctly.

The way people think about work is not an area we have to consider. It’s a thing we’ve identified as the way work should be done. We need to consider how we’re going to work together to make the best use of our time. So we need to identify what our jobs should be, what we’re good at, what we’ll do well, which is what’s important to us.

So we need to identify what our jobs should be, what were good at, what well do well, which is whats important to us.

The most common job list we have is to take a job. The list of jobs that can be done is extremely short. It starts with the first job that comes up, followed by the number of jobs that could be done. This list is often combined with the job that we actually like and when we are done, we can say which one we like the best or which one we like the worst.

There are two ways to do this: A) we can ask our friends, coworkers, and family if they want us to do a certain job, and B) we can do this in our heads. I don’t like my job, so I don’t want to do it, so I can’t imagine I want to do it. A) is much easier to do, but if you don’t like your job, you can’t imagine yourself liking anything else.


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