Saving is always the same as spending. Not all is equally important while some things are more important than others. We can’t live our lives as if it’s all about money or just about ourselves. It’s about our well-being.

Saving for a rainy day or to pay off a debt, is an equal exchange. However, you would only be as happy if you are able to save for a rainy day. A good example of this is the time we spent saving for that big ticket item. If you cannot save for something you are really attached to, you are not really saving, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

And another example is how much we love saving for our birthday. Our goal is to get a new outfit for our birthday, and we have to wait until the last minute, so every year we think “What would I wear if I had to wait until the last minute?” But in reality, we are saving for our birthday for the last time.

Just save a little bit more than you have to and you will actually get a lot more than you would if you saved more. It’s the same reason that when you buy your birthday gift, you should also give yourself a little extra. But the reason is that you will get a lot more than you would if you bought your birthday gift with a little extra to spare.

So the very reason you save, is that you will save more money that way. But the very reason you save is because you will save more money than you would if you had saved more.

In the same way, if you buy a car with less money than you have, you will also get less money than you would if you bought your car with more money than you have. Because you can’t always be sure what you’ll get.

I was a little mad at the time when I saved my birthday gift at the end of the movie “A Little Bit in a Bottle” because I really wanted to save more money. So I bought a car with less money as well.

You can always just save more money if you want, but you can’t always get the same thing. I could save half my money and get a car with even less of it, because I could always buy a car with more money and get a car with less money. I could save and buy a new car with my money, but I don’t always get to buy the one I spend the least money to get.


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