I write about everything that I am or am not in the closet. Everything that I am or am not in love with. Everything that I am or am not afraid of. It’s not a one-person blog, but it’s me, and it has been a very long time since I’ve written anything that wasn’t about my own experiences.

I feel like a lot of the stuff I rant about on this blog could apply to any of us. Its not that I can’t relate to what I rant about, its just that my experiences are all different. I’m not sure that I’m the ‘queer me now’ that you are, but I do feel like I have a very similar view of the world.

Well, I guess I could write a blog called “Quit telling my boyfriend I’m gay” because that’s basically what I have been doing. But there’s more to this than just being gay. I’m not saying that gay guys should “hide their dicks” to look at the ladies or that they are evil. But I am saying that they should not be trying to control or manipulate the way they look.

I think a lot of queer people are confused about this because they are so focused on how they look it is hard to grasp that we are all attracted to the same things and we should all be able to be attracted to the same things. My partner has always been attracted to me for my personality and my voice and the things I say. He has always liked me for being a “good” person and he has always liked me for being “good”.

I agree. There are many things out there that can be good or bad but there are also things (like the gay communities) that are just different and we should all be free to be attracted to them.

We should also be free to be attracted to the same thing. I think the problem is that it is seen as a negative thing. We are told gay and straight people are different and that we should just be happy being who we are. I don’t think this is true. You should be happy regardless of your sexual orientation or gender. It’s the same as everyone else.

I think this is a myth. Yes, we are all different. But when we’re all the same gender, we should be treated the same. We should all be treated the same in the world. We should be able to be and do the things that we want without having to feel the fear that would be expected if we were gay or straight.

I agree that we should be treated the same and do the things that we want. But that shouldn’t mean that our gender, sexual orientation, or sexual preference are defined by how we feel about something. It’s a mistake that people make when they don’t understand the impact of their gender, sexual orientation, or sexual preference on the world.

Gender is an umbrella term used to identify people that are born with one gender or another. Its our biological sex that is the basis of our identity, it is not something that we choose. Sexual orientation is a spectrum of behaviors, ideas, and beliefs. Its our sexuality that we identify with and that decides whether we are gay, straight, bisexual, or anything else.

Like gender or sexual orientation, sexual identity has to do with our attitudes towards ourselves and others. We live in a society that categorizes people based on their sexual orientation. This is largely a societal issue with our society’s opinion of sexuality being very different from ours. It would be absurd to force gay people to go to the bathroom, or force heterosexuals to attend church, or force anyone to be straight when they are gay.


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