What does it mean to be successful? Does it have to be about money? Is it about the money, or is it about a personal lifestyle? Is it about gaining a higher income, or about money as a measure of wealth? Are the goals in life merely material goals, or are they the type of goals we think we need. Is it about achievement or is it about the journey? So many questions to ask yourself when you’re looking at your own life.

Success is often defined in terms of monetary gain. But how do we actually measure success? Well, for starters, we should take stock of what we do with our money. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but I’ll repeat it. We should measure success in terms of the sum of our contributions to the company we work for. The idea is that if our contributions to the company are greater than our contributions to the self, we’re successful.

By this I mean that we should be measuring our time, effort, and money against the amount of money we have in our bank accounts. If we have $100,000 in bank account and we contribute $50,000 to the company, then we have made more money in the company than we have made in the self. We have been successful. We should be proud of that, and should tell every self about it.

If our self-awareness is strong, we are much more likely to be successful. A lot of the time we will never know if we’re succeeding because we never actually know the difference between the two. We’ll never actually know if there are 50,000 times more people that we’ve contributed to the company than we’ve contributed to the company. We’ll never know if we are more successful than we’ve been before.

I think one of the reasons why this approach to success has been so effective is that it’s kind of like what we call “inherited optimism”. We talk about it in the chapter before this one, but it goes a little deeper than that. When we have positive self-awareness, we see that our self-awareness is not an inherent quality of who we are. It is something that we can change and learn to be successful.

That’s the way you can start to change your attitude toward success by starting to look at it from the “I am” perspective. This isn’t saying you should become a millionaire and have no interest in money. At the same time, it does mean that when you start to evaluate your own success, you should think about how you’re going to be paid for your effort.

We all have the capacity to work towards success. Thats the problem. We all have the capacity to work the exact same amount of hours, and we all have the same number of hours in a day. That doesnt mean we have to work the same amount of hours. It just means we have to figure out if we can get paid what we want.

It is, however, a bad idea to keep working at the same level, or you will be forced to work at another level. You will probably start to feel like your goals aren’t as important as they were before. Also, if youre working at a high level, you have to work at a high level. If youre working at a low level, you have to work at a low level.

But the important thing is not to feel like your goals and income are different. If its not worth it, youre in a bad place. If youre making $100/hour, you shouldnt be doing that. If you dont want to make $100/hour, then youre doing something wrong. Youre either not working or theres a problem.

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