We’re probably in the middle of an extended period of possession, I’d say.

It’s not really clear how the game works, but the concept is that you have to use your “possession” to control someone else’s “possession.” For example, in this example, you have to possess a box so you can put the keys in a lock. But you can also put the keys in a keychain, or hold a key in your hand, and use it to open the box.

So if you have a keychain with one key, but you want it to open something that you don’t have in your possession, you can put the key in the lock and then use the keychain to pick the lock.

This is the simplest example, but the game itself is very complicated and a bit out of the way. You have to have an entry key, so you can put it in a keychain, but then you want to put it in a keychain that you dont have in your possession. The real game mechanic is to use the keychain to pick the box from the keychain and then to put the key in the box.

The game is actually pretty elaborate, and the “possession” part is actually a bit of a trick. It’s really more about using the keychain to open a locked box, but you can also use it to open a locked door.

In the game, the boxes are locked by a combination of a key and something you know they are (like the lock on the door), so if you know the combination, you can pick the box, and the key will open it. I’m not sure on the exact process though, because I don’t see any of the boxes in the game, but I’m guessing you can pick one of the boxes, then have to look at the key to find the combination.

Well, I think thats the process, but Im not sure, because there are some boxes in the game that unlock randomly and then you have to do something specific to unlock them, but I think its something like… the first one will unlock when you pick the box, then you have to pick the key, then you have to do the unlocking specific action.

I think the key is to choose the box and then you have to go find the combo.

Oh, and you can also get a bonus ability if you’re lucky enough to pick a box from the top where it has a lock key.


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