To my mind at least, there is a difference between a medical specialist and a general surgeon. A general surgeon is a surgeon who focuses on the medical aspects of surgery. A medical specialist is a surgeon who focuses on the treatment of diseases.

It’s just a difference in specialty. It’s also a difference in the degree of expertise required. A surgeon could be a surgeon, but they don’t necessarily have to be. A surgeon can be a surgeon but they don’t have to be. A surgeon is an expert in what they do. A specialist is an expert who can diagnose illnesses more accurately than other doctors.

The difference in expertise doesn’t matter, but the degree of expertise does matter. Both doctors have a certain degree of competence, but a specialist can often do more. A specialist can diagnose more diseases, and a doctor can prescribe more specific medications.

In a medical setting, different specialists may work on different areas of the patient’s body, but they still need to be able to do whatever they need to. For example, a general surgeon may be a general surgeon, but a specialist in urology may be more suited to looking at urology. So if you are looking to get rid of the prostate, you probably want to get a general surgeon, but if you are looking to remove a kidney there is a specialist who understands that.

The problem is that a specialist often has to know a little more than the general surgeon does. A specialist may specialize in a particular surgery, but that general surgeon won’t necessarily have his hands full with the same thing.

It’s not always the one who looks more serious the specialist, but it’s usually the one who is more invested in the outcome of the operation. Generally, a general surgeon and an urologist can both operate in a hospital and in the field, but in the field they may look very different.

In my opinion, there’s a distinction between a general surgeon and a specialist. A general surgeon, if you ask me, is someone who thinks he knows everything and is good at a one-size-fits-all surgery. He’s a surgeon, but he doesn’t really care. A specialist, on the other hand, is somebody who’s good at different things. Some general surgeons specialize in a few things, like the breast cancer surgery, and they’re very good at it.

In the same way doctors also have different skills, specialists have different skills. My friend Chris, a general surgeon, told me this recently when teaching his colleagues how to do a particular surgery.

Chris is a surgeon, and has been for a couple of years now. He knows a thing or two about doing a variety of operations, but the big difference is that he is an expert on a particular procedure. You can’t really call someone an expert in anything but his field, because no one can really do everything that he does. For instance, he is good at doing a breast-cancer surgery, but can’t do a colonoscopy.

This is a common pattern. This person is good at something, but not good at everything. It is the person who cannot do everything that they do that is not considered an expert. This is why I tell my students that you should never ask someone who is a specialist about everything. You should ask them about what he does, about what he has done before, and what he can do.


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