The salary for the medical examiner (M.E.) is $67,000. Of that amount, $33,000 is the base salary, $9,000 is the M.E.’s commission for performing autopsies, and the remaining $33,000 is the M.E.’s bonus.

The M.E.’s salary is currently $65,000. The commission is 25%. The bonus is 10%. If we don’t find something that kills the M.E.’s husband, he will be out of a job.

The M.E.s husband was found dead in a freezer in the basement of a home, so that’s probably it, right? But just because the M.E.s husband didnt work there doesn’t mean he was murdered. It could be that the M.E.s husband ran away and the home was a murder scene. Or it could be that the M.E.s husband was found dead in the freezer with no ID. We’ll never know unless the M.

If you wanted to find out more about the M.E.

My guess is that the M.E.s husband was murdered. We dont know that for sure because the M.E.s husband didnt work there so he didnt have access to the home and no one has access to the home. That said I do know that the home is owned by the M.E.s husband and his wife so unless you find a key to the home it will be easy for them to murder you.

I guess we should probably keep our mouths shut about this until we get ahold of the M.E.s husband. But if the M.E.s husband is still alive and is working as a doctor in a hospital, then we should at least do a little background research on him. He looks sort of like the M.E.s husband in that he has a beard and a tattoo on his chest.

The M.E.s husband looks like the type of doctor that would be in charge of a death scene. There’s something about the fact that the M.E.s husband has a tattoo on his chest and a beard that makes me think that he’s a bit more of a doctor than he lets on.

If this is the type of doctor you would hire to do your autopsy, then its probably in your best interest to have a different doctor.

You cant have a doctor that knows how to do your autopsy, but the only way to keep them from knowing whats going on is to pay them more. The M.E.’s husband has a doctorate in medical sciences, which is a huge plus.


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