This is a great article with a great video that goes over the different types of medical boot options. It is definitely a must watch, and I am going to be buying a pair.

I was going to go off of my own experience with a broken toe and talk about the various types of medical boots for broken toes. I’ve had multiple occasions where I’ve broken my first toe and found myself with a piece of wood stuck in my toe. Since all the different types of medical boots have different strengths and weaknesses, I decided to test out a few of them to see which I liked the best.

First, there are the “super-stiff” ones that have a metal band around the bottom of the boot that allows it to be worn over a shoe to make it easier to slip on and off. When you put on the super-stiff, you are able to walk for a while without putting weight on your foot. They are also very comfortable, but you can’t bend over the way a normal shoe can. The problem is that they are not meant for use in cold weather.

I thought that these would be a great solution for my broken toe. The problem is that I have a broken foot and the super-stiff boots look like they would help with the friction that would be created. As it turns out, they are not for your feet at all. They are made for medical boots for the feet.

The medical boots are made for people with bad knees, but not for those with missing toes. The idea is to prevent people from having to use their feet when walking by using the same sort of technology that is used to help people with bad knees. The problem is that although the medical boots are made to prevent people from putting weight on the injured leg, they are actually made to prevent people from walking at all.

I like the idea of the medical boots, but I’m sure that as many of you reading this as I do won’t be able to use them with the same good results. The problem is that people with a broken toe aren’t likely to be walking around with a prosthesis strapped to them. The medical boots are meant to be used when you’re walking, but that’s the wrong way around.

Im sure many of you reading this will have read that the boots are “for use when youre walking”. Well they are not a walking boot, just like the old school walking boot isnt really a walking boot. They are meant to be used when youre not walking but theyre not really a walking boot either. The problem is that your walking boot will not last half as long as the medical boots.

The problem is that people are getting hurt, and at least six of us have broken our toe. Now we may not have broken our toe, but we probably have broken our toe, and that is no reason to waste more money on the wrong type of shoe. The right type of shoe for the job at hand can make your life much easier.

Its a matter of knowing what you’re doing. If you’re going to spend $200 more on a shoe than you need to, why not spend a little more and get the medical boots? You should always err on the side of safety.


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