I am extremely, extremely, extremely sorry to hear about Martin Shkreli’s death.

I have been trying to find out how to contact Martin Shkrelis for quite awhile now. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find out where he lives. I’ve been looking for his address online, but he has no email address or Facebook or Twitter. The only thing I’m sure of is that he lives in a very small town of a million people, probably with a single dentist and a golf course, which I’m sure he hates.

I have no idea how to contact Martin Shkrelis and am extremely upset about what happened. He was one of my favorite people on the team, was a fantastic guy, and the hardest working person on the team.

I’m sorry to hear that you were injured, but I hope that you are okay now. The fact that you’ve been trying to contact Martin is very disheartening, and I hope that you can write again soon and get things back to how they were. We can only hope that you will be able to get back to the way that you were before the injury, but I really hope you can get back to being the person you were before the injury.

Yeah, it sucks. I hope he’s okay. Sorry to hear that you’re hurt, and I hope that your family is okay. I’m sure it’ll get better for you guys. Martin and I will be praying for you guys.

Martin Shkreli: It’s a shame that he is on the DL, but I think he’s doing just fine. He was out of the woods a few months ago when he was diagnosed with a form of cancer, but since then he’s been pretty stable. He’s also managed to find a new job and a new life as a writer.

For once, I’m not worried about martin shkreli. I don’t know much about him, but I’m not worried if he’s okay. As a fellow medical professional, I certainly wouldn’t want to lose a patient. As a writer, I’m not worried about him either. I think he’s doing just fine, and I think he’s doing nothing wrong.

I honestly believe that martin shkreli is doing nothing wrong. He’s a sick kid who’s been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. What he does with his health is his business. Im not worried about him. I dont think hes going anywhere.

I actually agree with most of your points here. The reason I brought that up is because I think that the biggest threat to shkreli is not the legal system, but the media. He is essentially a hero to the left, and yet his actions are so disgusting in the eyes of the right. It seems like the media is really going to make up its mind whether to give him a platform or not.


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