I recently had the opportunity to meet up with two very dear friends from the lesbian community to talk about the things we love, what’s going on in our lives, and what we’re doing to bring awareness and action to what we value.

The two lesbians, Sarah and Mary, are co-founders of the lesbian blog Lesbian Visions. I’ve been an avid follower of Lesbian Visions for a long time now and I was so happy to hear their story. Sarah is a blogger, a writer, and a photographer. She is currently working on a memoir and she recently published her first book, The Queen of the South.

I have seen many blogs dedicated to lesbians, but none that spoke about the community in a way that the lesbians of the world can relate to. Sarah and Mary spoke about the struggles they faced, the issues they had to deal with, and how they made sense of their sexuality. That is one of the reasons why I love this blog so much.

The fact that these lesbians were willing to speak openly about their sexuality, their gender identity, and struggles in the community is one of the things I love about reading blogs like this.

I’m not going to lie. I had never read a blog like this before, and that is saying something. Sarah and Mary speak in a way that is so relatable to me that it makes my life a little more interesting. I’m not sure what I can say about this blog that is more relatable or entertaining, but I will say that I’ve never seen a blog like this one before.

If you’re feeling a little out of the loop, you should know that the author of this blog (and Sarah and Mary, too) is a lesbian. As we all know, the internet is filled with people who identify as straight, but the amount of people who feel that way is so large that it can’t possibly be a coincidence.

It is that many of us are so far removed from the reality of the world around us that we can’t relate to it. This is where blogs like the one you are reading, and many others like it are so helpful. Whether it’s something that we have never seen or something we have experienced, it gives us some insight into something we may never have thought about before.

People who identify as straight can share some of the same feelings. I do believe that the reality of a person is so much more important than the way they identify and label themselves, but I also believe that the reality of each person is so different that we cant truly relate to another person. This is why I feel that we are all so different in our views on many things, but that we can all feel the same way about most things.

I find it amazing that there are so many people who identify as “lesbian,” but I dont believe them. I think the simple fact that they don’t know what they are talking about is a testament to how much we are all in these days. For example, people who identify as straight are so much more aware of themselves and their own lives that they can’t help but to feel like they dont fit in with those around them.

I dont think my identity is a simple matter, nor do I think that everyone is the same. I dont think we should ever deny the possibility that some of our members do not identify as the way we identify. We should certainly try to respect those who don’t identify as straight, but I think there also needs to be an awareness of why we are so adamant to identify as lesbian.


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