The key to leadership is the ability to lead people to be productive and motivated to achieve organizational goals. People who can use their innate ability to act in a self-prescribed direction will be better leaders and better employees.

The ability to lead is the innate ability to influence people to pursue goals that are within the organization’s scope. I think the best way to understand the difference between self-prescribed and intrinsic motivation is by pointing out that intrinsic motivation is the motivation that comes from within. We all need motivation from outside of ourselves, and that’s why it’s called intrinsic motivation.

While intrinsic motivation is something that comes from within, it often is not a choice. It is not something that we choose to do because we have to. There are people who choose to pursue their own interests because it is intrinsically motivating. That is, because they are motivated by something outside of themselves, they are able to do it.

People who are motivated by extrinsic motivation are not able to exercise their intrinsic motivation. The people who really have intrinsic motivation are able to have their own intrinsic motivation and then be able to control the motivation that is intrinsic. That is, if they can choose how to motivate themselves, they will be able to control their motivation.

The problem with extrinsic motivation is that it has nothing to do with us. If you are motivated by extrinsic motivation, you will choose this way of motivating yourself. Instead of being able to choose your own way of motivating yourself, you will have to choose to be motivated by something extrinsic. That is, the motivation that is extrinsic will determine whether you choose to be motivated by something extrinsic.

Let me back up a bit. I have done a lot of research on this topic, and I’ve found that people who are in leadership positions are more motivated than those who are not. The reason for this is that in leadership positions, people have influence. They have the ability to help other people to achieve organizational goals. However, because influence does not come from your intrinsic motivation, it is easier to control, and more likely to give you the power to motivate yourself.

It is true that influence comes from the leaders’ ability to motivate themselves, but it does not come from the leaders’ intrinsic motivation. It comes from their ability to influence the other people in the organization, or to inspire them to pursue their own goals.

In the movie, it is proven that the power of leadership lies in influence. When a leader can influence the employees to do whatever he wants, then the people will follow him. It is not just that people will follow the leader, it is that they will follow him because it was his will that they do so. People will follow a leader because he or she will make the people do what the leader wants them to do.

Leadership is about inspiring people to do what your are leading them to do, but in our case we are the leader. We are telling them what to do. In our case, we are inspiring them to live their lives at a higher level. In our case, it’s a lot about making them proud of themselves to live at a point where they are no longer ashamed that they have to do their job.

Some companies have a “leader” and a “non-leader.” In our case, we are one of the leaders. We are the one who can make sure that the leadership team in our company is not wasting their time.


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