For those who like to wear a lot of makeup, this foundation is your new best friend. I’ve been using fontana’s products for years, and I can honestly say that I look 20 years younger since I started using them. I’ve found that this foundation is a little more of a medium to heavy tone than others, but that’s because I don’t have a lot of foundation coverage.

What I like about fontanas products is that they offer a wide range of shades, and the more colours I switch out the more I like it. This foundation is perfect for people who want to try something different, and to keep from being too heavy.

Fontanas products are also great because they can be customized to your own preference and skin tone, so I like that they offer a range of different shades.

Fontana has a number of different lines and tones of foundation, so it’s great for people who have very different skin tones.

The foundation is very customizable and can be purchased in different shades, so I like that they offer a wide variety. It’s also great because it’s lightweight.

The foundation is not at all lightweight, but it is very water resistant. That’s good because it’s a nice texture and it has a great color payoff. While it can be used on all skin tones, I like that it’s very versatile.

I have used this product and it works great. Although I have very light skin, I have seen the same results on darker skin too.

I have a problem with foundation, but it doesn’t seem to be that easy to fix. The problem is the sheer consistency. The foundation is not at all lightweight and doesn’t last very long. The problem is that it has a thin consistency. The foundation is great for people with very light skin, but it can be very hard to work with.

The problem is that the foundation is still thin after using with different skin tones. It has a consistency that is difficult to work with, doesn’t last very long, and is prone to breaking.

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