Factors to Consider When Selecting a Pre School for Your Child

Children are our future and it is important that we start planning for their future as early as possible. One of the most important decisions a parent has to make is choosing a pre-school for their child. Getting good preschool education in Singapore is important as the competition for top schools is fierce. Your child will be competing with children from affluent families who can afford to send their children to the most prestigious schools. So, how do you go about choosing a pre-school for your child? There are a few factors to consider:


The first thing you need to consider is the location of the pre-school. It should be close to your home or work so that it is convenient for you to drop off and pick up your child. The location should also be safe and secured. With the increasing number of cases of child abuse, you do not want to send your child to a pre-school that is located in a bad neighborhood.


The curriculum is an important factor to consider when choosing a pre-school. The pre-school should have a curriculum that is age-appropriate and meets the educational requirements of the Ministry of Education. The curriculum should also be fun and engaging so that your child will enjoy learning.


The pre-school should have good facilities such as a playground, library, and computers. The playground should be safe and have enough space for the children to play. The library should have a variety of books to cater to different interests and the computers should be equipped with educational software.

Teacher-Student Ratio

Another important factor to consider is the teacher-student ratio. The pre-school should have a low student-teacher ratio so that your child will get enough attention from the teachers. Some schools have a teacher-student ratio of 1:10 which is not ideal.


You need to consider the fees charged by the pre-school. The fees should be affordable and within your budget. There are a few pre-schools that offer scholarships and financial aid so you should check with the school if they offer such assistance. The fees should also include all the necessary expenses such as school lunches, transportation, and textbooks.

Parental Involvement

The pre-school should encourage parental involvement. The parents should be actively involved in the school by volunteering in the classroom or helping out with school events. This will help to create a sense of community and strengthen the parent-child bond. If the school does not encourage parental involvement, it is not the right school for your child.

School Programme

The school program is another important factor to consider when choosing a pre-school. The school program should be varied and include activities such as arts and crafts, sports, music, and drama. This will keep your child interested in learning and help them to develop their talents.

Choosing the right pre-school is an important decision and there are a few factors to consider. The school should have a good curriculum, good facilities, a low teacher-student ratio, and encourage parental involvement. The school program should be varied and include activities such as arts and crafts, sports, music, and drama. The fees should be affordable and include all the necessary expenses.

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