Everything You Need To Know About Clip-in Hair Extensions

Ah! Every time you look at the mirror, your heart sinks because you see lifeless, thin, short hair. If only you could find a way of making them longer, denser, and lively. The best solution awaits you in the form of clip in extensions, 100% natural Remy hair with in-built clips on wedges that takes less than two minutes to attach. Blonde, brown, brunette, black or red, these extensions come in all colors. Once you clip them on, your hair gets a fresh breath of life as it shines, glows, and proudly proclaims its existence. If you’ve heard about these hairpieces before but never tried them, here are some essential details to help you out. 

What are clip-ins?

As the name suggests, clip-ins contain small clips attached to wefts bound on the hair. The number of hooks on a weft depends on their width and length. However, good companies make it a point to keep them to a minimum for extreme comfort and convenience.

Color and shades available

Usually, you will find four primary colors of clip-in extensions: blonde, brown, black, and red, and then there are subtypes of shades available in these colors. If you were to buy blonde clip-ins, you could select from various shades of blonde like platinum, lightest, natural, golden, pale ash, etc. While choosing a color, you must ensure it matches your hair, from its middle to the end. You must avoid choosing a color based on the roots (the part from where the hair begins, at the scalp) because it is always of a different shade. 

What are some of their benefits?

Clip-ins give plenty of advantages compared to glued or fusion extensions. Unlike glue or fusion, they are resistant to heat, making them ideal for curling and straightening using a straightener. You can attach them yourself and remove them anytime you want without difficulties. Since good companies use 100% natural Remy human hair in their production, they blend seamlessly with your original hair without standing out or looking out of place. They are also suitable for short, long, thin, delicate, and extra-fine hair and play an impressive role in enhancing your appearance, 

Length and volume of these extensions

Usually, you will come across them in varying lengths between 12 to 24 inches, weighing between 130 grams to 240 grams—the weight increases with an increase in length. For example, an 18 inches extension weighs 180 grams, while those measuring 22 inches weigh 220 grams. Before buying one, you must measure your hair and how far back your hair falls from the ear. If your hair meets your shoulders, 16 inches is the ideal choice, but if it falls four inches below, you can choose one with a length that matches your original hair or longer. 

How long do they last?

The specific duration of an extension’s longevity depends on how you take care of it and how often you wear them. If you wear clip-ins regularly while taking the utmost care, you can expect them to last six months to 2 years. However, if you use hair styling tools regularly without washing them often, they will last three to six months. If you only require them for special occasions, expect them to last at least two years. 

Tips on taking care of extensions

You must take care of your clip-ins, just as you would your hair. You must avoid hair spray and other similar products that cause damage. Showering, bathing, and sleeping with them cause significant damage, as does wearing them in excessively windy weather. It is good to keep them in a storage box, away from direct sunlight. 
Clip-in hair extensions are your quick and effective answer to all hair troubles, particularly when you want a dramatic change in your appearance in the shortest time. They are completely safe, easy to wear, and available in various color options.

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