For those that don’t know, the Essex County Medical Examiner is a medical examiner in Essex County, New Jersey. Dr. W.F. “Woof” Woof and his team are the medical examiner responsible for the Essex County Homicide Data System. They are responsible for determining if a human life has been taken as a result of an accidental shooting, homicide, suicide, or other crime.

Essex County is probably one of the most violent parts of New Jersey so finding the right person to investigate is really difficult. For that reason, the Essex County Medical Examiner can get a lot more calls than the rest of the area. It’s really easy to get the wrong person if you aren’t careful. As an example, I had a few bad calls happen about a year ago that were made by an investigator I hired.

I think the best way to avoid potential bias in a case is to hire the investigator whose services you think you have a good relationship with. The Essex County Medical Examiner is definitely that kind of place. The investigator I hired for a call I got was very helpful, and he was the only one who reviewed the case. I am fairly sure I would have gotten a call if the investigator I hired had not been so helpful.

Some of the more serious accidents that happen in the Essex County Medical Examiner’s office happen when a patient is in a hurry or has trouble getting to the examiners. Some of these cases result in some of the highest insurance premiums in the state. One of the more recent cases was caused by a patient who died of a blood clot in his brain.

In the case of a patient who died of a blood clot in his brain, the medical examiner did a double-take and reviewed the report with him. The examiner asked him if he had an anticoagulant in his system. The patient said no, so the examiner asked him to show them his blood for analysis. The examiner then performed a blood test, and the patient was found to be anemic.

In 2011 the Medical Examiner’s Office in Essex County in MA was closed down after a fire broke out in a building that housed the office. The office’s former director, Dr. Michael Smith, was eventually found guilty of arson and lying to the Department of Health and Human Services. He was found guilty of perjury and other charges and was sentenced to nine months in prison.

One year later a new Medical Examiners Office opened in Essex County, and now it’s being run by a new director who has a long history of being indicted for arson. The office was run by a man named Dr. Edward Levesque who was later found guilty on perjury charges. It’s not clear if he was also found guilty of arson.

He was found guilty in the grand jury trial of Essex County for arson, perjury, and obstruction of justice. The medical examiner’s office was founded in 1991. Dr. Levesque was found guilty in 2006 of perjury, obstruction of justice, and arson. He was sentenced to 24 months in prison, but was later retried and found guilty of perjury in the grand jury trial for Essex County. He was also found guilty of arson in the grand jury trial of Essex County.

There is no medical examiner for Essex County. You probably know this as the area where the death of former mayor Steve Dickson is said to have been caused, but that will be a whole other post.


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