I was honored to be selected to take this postgraduate course, titled “How to Think Like a Medical Student”. It is taught by Dr. Christopher Wysor, a leading expert in the field of medical education. The course is an interdisciplinary course that covers the clinical, research, and academic aspects of medical education. The course aims to promote student-centered learning and communication. It has been running since 2007.

Enfield is a medical school in the Northeast of England, which specializes in the study of pediatrics. So you think you are going to learn about medical things and care for patients, but then you realize that you’re actually learning how to study and care for the students. It’s very interesting to me.

I was in a class where we were learning to do a pelvic exam, and the teacher asked us to have the students take a vaginal speculum. I remember thinking, “that is just sad.” No one cares about what I have to do. But then I realize that I have a really small bladder, so the teachers don’t really care about that either.

This is a good point. While most students learn well in medical class, some students are simply not interested, and those that are not are often not given enough attention. This is a good thing because, for some people, learning to do a pelvic exam is a very difficult process. I myself have had to take a class on the same subject multiple times and each time I have been the one struggling the most.

Enfield Medical Associates is a small company that focuses on the training and care of medical students. They provide classes for students to learn how to do pelvic exams, but they also provide medical assistants who are trained to handle minor medical emergencies. The best part about this is that Enfield is able to train their medical assistants on their own because they have a contract with the school to provide the medical assistants with training. They also provide the students with medical assistants who get regular and ongoing training.

Enfield Medical Associates is one of the two schools that was the first to open in the UK and was the first to take on its contract with medical schools. Enfield Medical Associates is a partnership between St. George’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and a private company called Lantana, which is just a little bit like Enfield, but with a lot more money.

St. Georges Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is the NHS’s oldest hospital, and the one we saw in the trailers. After the UK voted to leave the European Union, it closed all of its hospitals in the UK, and has been in a state of financial crisis ever since. In response, the hospital has gone into a state of “reform” and started offering courses to the students.

Lantana’s goal is to reduce the number of “inpatients who need to be cared for,” a term coined by the NHS. This is the same goal the NHS holds in the rest of the world. To do this, Lantana employs a “pharmacology” team that’s trained to give patients the best medical care possible. The training that Lantana provides is also a way to reduce the cost of care.

Lantana is the brainchild of the hospital’s finance department. They designed their course in response to the financial crisis of the NHS by giving the students a hands-on, real-world experience of pharmaceutical science. In fact, I would argue that the course was designed to help the students think about how they could reduce drug prices.

It’s not just the cost of drug prices that’s being reduced, the cost of treating patients is also being reduced. The current model of medicine is based on the idea that drugs can be prescribed for short periods of time and so there is a large number of patients who are waiting in the queue for their medicine to become available.


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