Of course, the number of buyers doesn’t necessarily mean that the market will shift to a different level. There are various factors that may play a role, such as the rate of construction and the price of homes. However, the most important thing about the number of buyers can be that it is a determinant of the market at the most important end of the spectrum, which is the most expensive end of the spectrum.

The point is to put a price on a home that is higher than the average. At the very most, the average for most homes is $275,000. The price you see at the end of the spectrum is what is considered the “bottom” price for a home in the market. So if you are buying a home at the high end of the spectrum, the average price is $250,000.

I think the reason why the number of buyers has been so high is because prices have been going up like hell. Many people have been buying homes more quickly than they were in the past. The average price for a home in the market today is now about 1.5 times that of a home in the market in 2004. The bottom of the market has been lower than average for a long, long time.

This, as I mentioned before, is not the case for all real estate markets. At the low end of the market, you have smaller lots and the low end of the market is pretty much the same as the low end of the market. In the low end of the market, the average price is about half what it is in the market at the high end.

The only way to get a home at a lower and more affordable price is to sell it. As you know, the market is based on supply and demand. People buy homes at a price that is set by the asking price. When there is a better than normal demand for a certain condition for a certain time period, prices rise to meet this demand and that is the end of the supply. The more this happens, the more people will be willing to buy.


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