If you’re a Minecraft player, you’ve likely been asked this question before.

And here’s the answer: Mobs can spawn on farmland just like they can anywhere else in the game.

That said, it is possible that mobs will not spawn on farmland if there are no nearby trees or other structures for them to climb up and down from.

Mobs will always spawn at night regardless of where they are, but some mobs may be more active in certain biomes than others.

For example, zombies are much more common in desert biomes after dark as opposed to forests or taigas.

Which have plenty of trees for them to hide among during the daytime .

So if you want a zombie infestation then head towards an area with a lot of deserts.

Mobs can spawn on farmland, but there are some limitations to their spawning location that you need to know about:

If there is no nearby trees or other structures for them to climb up and down from they will not be able to spawn in the area.

However, mobs always have night vision so it doesn’t matter where they spawn because at night all biomes look relatively dark regardless.

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