Emergen-C is a popular drink mix that provides a vitamin C boost and can be used to fight off colds.

It’s often marketed as the best thing for kids, but is it safe?

What are the ingredients in Emergen-C? The main ingredient in Emergen-C appears to be Guarana Seed Extract, which contains caffeine.

This may not be ideal for children with an existing caffeine sensitivity or addiction. In addition, artificial colors have been added and there may also be some sugar content from sucralose (a type of sweetener).

These ingredients could lead to problems when taken by children who are sensitive or allergic to different substances.

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Can kids have Emergen-C and if so, why? If you’re looking for a natural way to boost your child’s immune system, there are better options.

For example, vitamin C comes naturally in many fruits and vegetables – like oranges or broccoli.

There is no reason to rely on artificial ingredients when it comes with potential risks. Kids should stick to what they know: fresh fruit and veggies!

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