Can Kakashi still use Susanoo?

That is the question many Naruto fans are asking themselves after seeing the new movie.

The answer lies in a debate between two people who know the Naruto story best: Kishimoto-sensei and Masashi Kishimoto.

But before we jump into that, let’s get to know what Susanoo is first! Susanoo is a powerful creation of the gods that takes on three different forms.

It’s first form, known as Mokushi-no-ki (Futsunomitama) Susanoo, has the power to control water and build up storms.

The second form, Kaki Chigiri (Wakahirume), can crush mountains with it’s sword arm alone!

Finally we have Amanojaku no Tsurugi (Izanagi). This third form wields an enormous blade in one hand while its other delivers relentless attacks against enemies.

As for what happens after Kakashi removes his Sharingan eye?

Well there are two possibilities: One possibility states that he just throws off his mask without putting anything else on.

The other possibility states that he is wearing a new mask with the Sharingan eye hole covered by it.

So, what happened to Susanoo?

Well, according to Kishimoto-sensei, Kakashi can’t use this powerful technique anymore because his mind is not strong enough for both Rinnegan and Sharingan techniques at once.

However in an interview with Masashi Kishimoto, we get a completely different answer!

When asked if Sasuke could also lose his abilities after removing his eyesight from the Curse of Hatred (which was technically false anyway), he said “The ability to use Susanoo would be gone.” But then again..he did say “would” instead of “is”.


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