If you are in the market for more RAM, but don’t want to spend a ton of money on it, then you should consider using two different brands. It might sound crazy at first, but there is an important reason for doing this.

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– The two different types of RAM will usually have different timings and voltage requirements. This is important because most motherboards are built to accept a certain type of memory, and so they won’t be compatible with an incompatible power supply. You might find that the motherboard isn’t as stable when you use two brands of ram in it together.

– In addition, there’s also the chance that one brand may not work well alongside another brand due to compatibility issues such as software incompatibility or interference between them on PC boards which can cause crashes. For instance, some companies may deliberately blacklist their competitors’ CPUs/chipsets from working correctly with theirs for competitive reasons – this means if you mix chipsets within your system then problems could


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