If you want your dishes to come out of the dishwasher looking spotless, then please do not use hand soap. Hand soap is made for your hands and will make your dishes look streaky. You should instead use dish liquid or a natural alternative like vinegar or lemon juice. After you rinse the dishes, put them in a dish rack to dry.

The dish liquid will not remove all of the water from your plates and bowls, so they need air-drying time before putting away. Dish detergent should be rinsed out completely as well or it could leave residue that attracts bacteria.

washing dishes, soap, sink @ Pixabay

There are many natural alternatives for washing dishes like vinegar or lemon juice which can also be used with baking soda for an extra scrubbing power boost! Steps: Rinse dishes Soap is made for screens (hands) not dishes – use dish soap or alternative instead Air-dry after cleaning first and last step! Greater Scrubber Power Boost With Vinegar And Baking


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