You’ve just had a manicure and you’re on your way home. You need to cure the gel nails before they dry, but don’t have a UV nail lamp handy. What can you do? Use an LED flashlight! Sticking your hand in the flashlight for ten seconds will be enough to cure it. Make sure you touch only one nail before curing, then turn off the light and move on to the next one.

painting fingernails, nail polish, hearts @ Pixabay

Take care not to press too hard when doing this or go over a finger more than once- that can cause extra damage. This method is effective but won’t work with all LED flashlights! Stand in front of an open window because UV rays from sunlight are as good as a UV lamp – either way they’re free! LED Flashlight To Cure Gel Nails by FTSN blog post content related keywords: gel nails ultraviolet lights led lamps nail polish manicure pedicure salon beauty beauty tips


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