FedEx boxes are a great way to ship packages. They are sturdy, affordable, and convenient. But did you know that it is possible to use them for USPS shipping? Read on for more information about how this works! FedEx boxes come with a lot of benefits. They are perfect for those who do not need an extremely heavy-duty box, but still want to protect their items from water and other elements. This is because FedEx uses waterproof material in the construction of these boxes that can withstand rainstorms!


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They also offer a variety of sizes up to 100 inches in length, so you’re sure to find one that accommodates your package’s size perfectly. The best part about Fedex shipping boxes is they don’t cost much at all–you can get them for free if you purchase $400 worth or more of eligible products on! If this has got your interest piqued then read on below for how many


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