It is difficult to get new people to talk to you or your business. And, it can be even more difficult when they know very little about what you are talking about and have no idea how they could benefit from giving you their contact information.

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You want them to sign up for updates, but why should they? That’s where these 10 tips come in handy! – 13 of the best ways to get people talking about your business – How to create a list of all the benefits they will receive when they subscribe to your updates and why it is in their interest for them.

This article has not been proofread yet, so please forgive any mistakes or typos :)” (makes sense) .. (continues writing) .. “It’s time that you take action!” .. “Start with these ten tips.” ..”. . .” (finishes writing) .. “. . .” .. “Can You Talk To Me?” .. “, by Maddy Moore” .. “, on January 18th, 2019” .. ‘. ‘ ..


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