Stellaris is a game about exploration and diplomacy. You can explore space, discovering planets with life forms you never knew existed. Encountering other civilizations may lead to alliances and trade opportunities, or it could result in war.

But whatever the result of your actions, the universe will be changed by them!

The goal of Stellaris is to make your civilization thrive and grow. The game has a wide variety of in-game choices, from how you’re going to explore space, what creatures inhabit your worlds and who will lead them.

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It also includes deep strategic options such as managing the changing needs of an empire’s population or balancing a diverse economy with trade among various colonies.

Once players have mastered all this they can then take their empires into turn-based battles for control over the galaxy!

You don’t need any previous knowledge about strategy games either – it’s easy to pick up but challenging enough that even veteran gamers are sure to enjoy trying out new strategies on every replay of one hundred procedurally generated maps! 


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