What do you think of when someone mentions Starbound?

What do you think of the upcoming open beta release?

What about your early access experience in alpha and beta testing periods?

Or do you just remember all those screenshots that made their rounds on social media when it was still in development?

You know, the ones with this magical world where anything is possible. The one where every game session feels new and exciting because there are always different planets to explore or dungeons to plunder for resources. And who could forget how cool the soundtrack is, too!

playing with phone, cellphone, smartphone @ Pixabay

Starbound has changed a lot since its initial announcement at ECTS 2013 last September by Chucklefish’s lead developer Finn Brice from his bedroom desk – but that doesn’t mean we should ignore some of these early assets that are still so memorable.

We have all the screenshots from when Chucklefish first showed off Starbound at EGX Rezzed 2013 and ECTS in London, showcasing a small glimpse of some early development – these were taken by Mark Donlan Or there’s this gif made for Day of the Devs back in October where you can see Finn Brice on stage playing what would be an early pre-alpha build with other devs experimenting with different features

The soundtrack is also just as catchy as it was then; even more now considering how much has changed since its conception! That same snippet I linked to before plays during the game’s title screen sequence and every time we create or load up


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