This is the story of a hungry little boy who wanted nothing more than a waffle. He asked his mom, he asked his dad, and he even asked the dog. But nobody listened to him! Then one day, when no one was home, there was a knock on the door. Outside stood an ice cream man with a big smile and an even bigger truck full of delicious frozen desserts! The little boy bought himself some ice cream cones and got himself two free waffles for being so nice to visit their house. Content continued below, please click to read more. 

waffle, syrup, belgian @ Pixabay

Happy Ending! I’m sure you want a waffle too! Please give me one? I promise not to be such a pest about it next time. 😉 If we’re friends, then can’t you do this for me? Even just once would be great since I’m so hungry and always asking my mom or dad for waffles and they never listen.


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