The Witcher 3: Starter Guide is a guide that will help you get started with the game if you have not played the previous titles. It goes over what to expect in terms of gameplay, combat and story. The guide also includes a detailed overview of all available quests, as well as an introduction to each character in the game.

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How to get started in the game?

Combat basics and how it changes from Witcher games before.  Story and what is expected of you as a player, including main quests, side quests and activities like card collectibles. Introducing Characters: Geralt of Rivia (witcher), Triss Merigold (witch), Yennefer of Vengerberg (seer). Syanna – cursed Princess; Ciri – daughter of Queen Calanthe; King Foltest who died by assassinations at the hands of an unknown assailant/stranger. As for other characters, they can be found on their respective pages or just read through this guide.


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