We all have those moments when we need to pee and there is no toilet in sight. In many cases, people will find themselves in a situation where they are at their friend’s house or out on the street, and need to do their business somewhere. We’ve all been there! But what about that time you needed to go number two?

toilet, defecation, pee-pee @ Pixabay

What should you do if you’re stuck with nowhere else to go? Is it okay to pee in the sink?

If a sink is the only option, then it’s okay to pee in the sink. The water will flush your business away just like it would if you were using a toilet! However, be sure to wash up as soon as possible afterwards or else everyone might start thinking that they can relieve themselves in the kitchen too! In other words, don’t make anyone think that there are no consequences for their actions. Seriously though – do not let yourself get stuck with nowhere left to go and use this guide next time instead of going down an unnecessary road less traveled. In general, here are some rules about public toilets: If you’re at someone’s house who invites guests over often (like during holiday season).


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