What do you give someone when they are feeling down? For some, it may be a fruit basket. For others, a soothing bath. But what about those of us who want to offer an egg in this tired time? You know, something small and easy to send that will make them smile as soon as they open the box. These eggs are perfect for gifting; all you have to do is put one inside the other and seal with tape.

This blog post is sponsored by Egg land’s Best Eggs Giving an egg is a unique, thoughtful and inexpensive way of helping someone out. It’s also easy to find eggs that are free from antibiotics or hormones in the grocery store! Eggs can be used for so many things: scrambled, boiled, fried you name it.

egg, smiling, happy @ Pixabay

So why not put one on your shopping list?

If you’re looking for some fun ways to use your new eggs at home with kids (or just really anyone), try making these Easter-themed recipes together. All three dishes take only a few minutes to prepare and will make any holiday morning feel extra special. We’ve got cookies and cream nests filled with chocolate french toast; chewy coconut macaroons dipped in strawberry milk; as well as rainbow pancakes topped.


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