It is not often that a scientific paper can be described as “playful,” but this one manages to pull it off. The article, written by the director of an art and design research institute in London, explores science enthusiasm through a lighthearted lens. It begins with a kooky anecdote about how she discovered her love for science at age 7 after tasting soap in the lab where her father worked.

dna, biology, medicine @ Pixabay

The author writes with such passion that you might find yourself getting excited too! While science is often seen as a stuffy enterprise, this article shows that it can also be playful and intriguing. The author’s enthusiasm shines through on every page, leaving the reader looking forward to what will come next. It makes you want to go out there and experience firsthand what they are so excited about science.

This kind of zeal for the subject matter inspires readers to not only engage with research themselves but also share their own excitement with others. After reading this paper, I felt compelled to do just that: grab my friends by the shoulders and tell them how awesome science is (and then give them some ice cream). The importance of proper scientific enthusiasm cannot be understated; in order for people around us.


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