I’m in love with the idea of a new number. The way it sounds, how it looks, and how I feel when I say it out loud to someone who isn’t my mother. It’s like this number is mine; something that no one else can have because they don’t deserve it. But what about you? Can I have your number? Don’t tell me you’re not interested. I know we’ve only just met, but something tells me it could be fate; the one that really matters in life and all of its complexities.” He paused to let out a deep sigh before he continued with his spiel: “And what if your number is already taken? What do I do then?” “What about my name?” she interrupted him, her voice full of hope. “Can I have your name instead?” She was being coy for sure – as though this were an elaborate game show where prizes would rain down from the heavens on cue should either party answer correctly. And maybe they both did want this prize more than anything else they had ever wanted because there wasn’t


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