Are you tired of receiving calls from telemarketers, debt collectors and scammers? You can easily avoid these types of callers by having more than one Google Voice number. Once you have multiple numbers, all you need to do is give out the new number with your personal information. This way, when a spam caller or other unwanted call comes in, they will be sent straight to voicemail! The following steps will help you create a Google Voice number. Step One: Go to the free phone app, download it on your mobile device and sign in using your Gmail account information – Choose “Add New Phone” – Select “Create an Account for Just This Device” if you only want to use this new Google Voice number with one other device or select “Create Another Account and Use It With Multiple Devices” if you are going to share the number among multiple devices such as tablets, PCs, etc. Enter your address info (optional) and click Next when complete. For more privacy turn off Caller ID by clicking on Preferences > Do not show my name or number in caller ID


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