Many people are asking themselves this question. The first thing that needs to be done is to find out why you need a separate account from your normal business account. There are many reasons why someone would want a different PayPal account, and the most common reason is if they have an e-commerce site. If you sell items offline or online, then it will make more sense for you to create a separate PayPal account. If you are a freelancer or company that does not require its own e-commerce site, then it will make more sense to have one account. A lot of people take advantage of the fact that they can use PayPal as an online bank and just transfer money back and forth from their other accounts in order for them to be able to save up for something bigger than what is currently available. This only really works if your business has multiple employees who work on different aspects of the project at once so there are enough funds coming into your account every day. In conclusion, whether you need one or two separate PayPal accounts depends on how much sales each person makes monthly, how many skillsets each individual requires daily, and how large your company


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