“Can I have a Joe?”

One of the most popular questions that coffee drinkers ask is if we can get them a cup.

It’s like an unspoken rule in society to offer someone coffee when they come into your office or are just passing by on the street.

coffee, pen, notebook @ Pixabay

There’s something about drinking coffee that warms you up from head to toe, and it also helps with productivity!

This article will give you some tips on how to make people feel more at home so they’ll want more of what you’re giving away for free: joe!

Offer a drink to every person who enters the office, even if they say no.

Maybe it’s because of this unspoken rule and people don’t want to be rude by refusing coffee when someone offers or both?

You won’t know until you try! The worst thing that happens is that they decline your offer politely (or maybe not so politely).

Decide on what type of drinks you’re going to give away beforehand: black coffee, espresso with cream/sugar, iced tea. there are tons of choices.

And remember–you can always create new ones like “Joe” aka hot chocolate mixed in with black coffee. Be creative about how you make your cups stand out too. 


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