Oftentimes in life, we feel like the only thing standing between us and our dreams is a mountain.

There are so many obstacles in life that can cause us to give up on what we want. But thankfully there’s always someone or something who will be there for us!

It might be a friend or family member, but it could also be an amen from God Himself. This blog post explores how you can get your own personal “Amen” from Him! 

Trying to get your personal “Amen” from God can feel like an impossible task, but it is possible.

child, reading, bible @ Pixabay

Here are five steps you can take in order to receive the encouragement and strength that only He can provide:

Prayerfully seek out people who love you unconditionally.

They will be there for you when no one else is as well. Who would know better than someone who loves you what’s best for you? Rely on these people through prayer and ask them for their wisdom.

They’ve been where life has taken us many times before! -Stay hopeful even though things may seem bleak right now or maybe just not going our way at all sometimes. This does not mean we


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