We all know that music can be a great way to get in the mood for work.

Even just to have fun. However, sometimes it can be hard to find lyrics online. With this article, you will now know how to do it in less than 40 seconds!

Find the song you want and make sure to copy down the name.

soundcloud, music, application @ Pixabay

Type in “lyrics” into Google, followed by a space .

Put quotes around the lyrics of your chosen song. This will tell google what word you are looking for from that sentence only.

You can put as many words in brackets if needed: (example) “I got some game I ain’t playing no more” or even just one bracketed word like this: 『stupid』to get any use of the word “stupid” within those sentences.

The lyric search engine should give back about three pages with results matching what was placed inside them! Copy and paste whichever page has your desired lyrics.


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