The most incredible thing that you will ever see is an American bald eagle.

This majestic creature has been the symbol of America since 1782 and can be found in all 50 states.

The American Bald Eagle was adopted as a national emblem for two reasons:

it’s our country’s only native bird of prey, and its meaning (strength).

Bald eagles have a brown body, with distinctive white head and tail feathers.

The beak is yellow and hooked at the end to assist in tearing meat during feeding.

cliffs, coast, shore @ Pixabay

Bald Eagles reach an average height between 50-65 inches tall while weighing up to 14 pounds (a female can weigh up to 20 pounds).

They live about 30 years in captivity but only 12-15 years in the wild due to lack of availability or food sources.


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