Hallelujah, Amen Country Song Lyrics.

Here is a collection of the best country songs with lyrics about hallelujah and amen to help you find your favorite tune!

Country Music Hallelujah Lyrics I know the battle is coming and it’s gonna be a fight to win.

We gotta run another race, but we just got time for one more round of hallelujah amen.

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The lyrics in this song mention “just one more round of hallelujah.”

It is repeated throughout the whole song that even though there may not be much time left, they will keep on singing their praise until the end when he says “It ain’t over yet till it’s over.”

And as if you needed any other reason to love country music, here are some inspirational words about faith: “There ain’t no stopping us now cause Jesus has been so good!” Amen!

For You by Rascal Flatts I just want to thank you Lord, for all that You’ve done. I know, the battle is coming and it’s going to be a fight to win.

To keep my faith strong in Jesus through these trying times. You’re never gonna get me down cause God has been so good! Amen! (Amen!) Oceans by Hillsong United This song starts off with “hallelujah” and then moves into an amen chorus after singing about how oceans can’t separate people from their love of God or each other:

“Cause we are overcomers.” And as if they needed any more reasons to make this one your favorite worship tune, there’s also these words on hope: “Hope spreads


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