Do you eat your pets?

I thought so! With the recent trend of people eating their own dog or cat, it is no wonder that this question has come up. In this blog post, we will discuss in depth whether or not you can legally eat your pet named Steve.

hamster, pet, cage @ Pixabay

We’ll go over different cases and what they have to say about this new food craze. So before you start cooking up a little furball for dinner tonight – check out our blog post first! How can you tell if your pet is edible? First, ask yourself – do pets taste good to YOU? If the answer is yes (and please don’t share this with anyone), then congratulations! You can legally eat your furry friend.

However, many people are not sure about what they think of their own pet’s meat. This might be because they’re a vegan and never thought that their milk-fed kitten would be on the menu one day. My cat Steve has been following me around for years now. He sleeps next to my head every night and he sits in front of our TV during football games or whenever I’m watching Law & Order reruns after work. So when I heard about people eating their cats as part of


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