There are a lot of ways to dye your hair. You could go with the traditional route and use boxed hair color, or you can get all fancy and take a seat in the salon chair for an in-depth consultation before choosing from one of their many services. But what if I told you there was another way? A way that required no waiting time at all!

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Ready to find out how?

Keep reading my friend! The secret to getting a good dye job on wet hair is in the prep work. If you want your color to turn out just right, it’s important that you prepare beforehand by following these steps: Step One: Wash Your Hair Like You Normally Would – Just don’t use shampoo! Shampoo will make your hair too clean and take away some of the natural oils that give it its shine.

Instead, opt for a gentle cleaning like conditioner or co-wash products if they are available. Then rinse thoroughly with cool water until there’s no more residue left behind. Step Two: Condition Your Ends To Prevent Dryness And Breakage – Who knew so much could be done before starting? But this step is


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