The answer to this question is yes, but it depends on the fan. If you have a 3 pin fan and a 4 pin connector then you will need to purchase an adapter for the connector so that they can work together.

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Here’s a few of our favorite adapters: 1) The BergHOFF Adapter – This adapter has two different types of connectors in one package- both 3 pins and 4 pins. You just switch out the appropriate connector depending on what type of device you are connecting them to! 2) AMP Female Connector – This is another great option because it provides multiple connections for both three and four pin fans in one package. It also comes with 2 plugs for your convenience. 3) The ThinkGeek Adapter – This is a great option if you just need one adapter. Once again, it has both connectors and the package includes plugs for both types of connections as well!

But be warned: some adapters may not work with all fans or devices because there are so many different variations out there. The best thing to do would be to contact customer service before purchasing an adapter that might end up being useless.

If your device only provides four pin fan ports then no worries- most fans come equipped with three pins which will connect directly into any type of connector without the use of an adapter. Just make sure that’s what you’re using before connecting anything together! *Note: All items on this website are sold separately


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