When flying, it’s important to be aware of what you can and cannot bring on the plane. You might think that things like needles or knitting needles would be fine because they’re typically used for sewing. However, if a TSA agent decides to search your bag, you could end up with an expensive airline ticket! You can find a list of items you cannot bring on the plane by clicking here. *The end.*

sewing, thread, craft @ Pixabay

Notes: This blog post is not yet complete, but it’s getting there! Remember to keep track of your progress with numbers and/or bullet points so that you know where you are in the process. It also helps to make notes about what ideas or tasks remain for completion. A great place to do this is within Trello cards linked from your task list (as we’re doing below).

One other note before I finish up – remember to edit any bullets or lists as needed when editing each card! The ones above will need some changes now that they’ve been updated with content. 🙂 Let me know if anything


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