In this blog post, we will take a look at the emotions that you can experience in rapid succession. We’ll examine what triggers these emotions and how to cope with them.

Keywords: emotion, rapid succession, how to cope did i see this coming? did you? can’t tell. it’s getting weird now. should we stop running around in circles here and admit what is really happening? don’t want to make a mistake that could be our last.

woman, beach, jump @ Pixabay

So many feelings vying for attention all at once; couldn’t they just take turns or something like adults do instead of fighting each other tooth-and-nail for dominance over my psyche?! but then the thoughts come: are these sudden mood swings because everything has been going too well lately and I’m frustrated with myself as much as anything else?? am I subconsciously sabotaging my life before it gets even better than it currently is by expecting disaster around every corner??


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